Urban Garden And Event Space

Story Of Ladder & Vine

Before Ladder & Vine was a functional urban garden and event space, it was an abandoned bank in an almost deserted mall complex. Jennifer Delaye, founder and owner of Ladder & Vine, saw this as an opportunity to take this space and repurpose it with new meaning and hope to give back to the community. Using aquaponic technology, provided by INTAG, Ladder & Vine is able to grow and provide fresh, local, sustainable food that is used in our sister companies The JDK Group and The Garlic Poet Restaurant and Bar.

Giving “Farm To Table” A Whole New Meaning

Urban Garden & Event Space

This redesigned bank houses 2,300 square feet of space for this unique, urban garden that is recognized as the only aquaponic garden for social gatherings, rehearsal dinners, and corporate events in Central Pennsylvania. Every event held at Ladder & Vine has fresh, sustainable food picked right from the garden and incorporated into every plate.


The Garden Room: A composition of ladder chandeliers, and fresh, organically grown produce growing on the walls welcomes you and your guests to the beginning of your celebration’s journey. 


Growing Fresh, Sustainable Food Everyday 


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1104 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill, PA